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The health and mental health effects of being unemployed or unhappy at work can be significant. When clients come to Evolve Services, their main concern is often being unhappy can work. This feeling can be due to a variety of issues, but a recurring theme that comes up is “burnout.” Burnout is notably prevalent in the non-profit and social service sectors where professionals are often faced with very high workloads and mediocre pay.

The good news is that it is possible to cope with a job that you are unhappy in if you have the right support. It is also possible to use that experience to gain clarity about the next career decision to make. Evolve Services can help overwhelmed professionals manage their current stress and create a strategy for how to exit a toxic job and increase their chances of making a living in a way that is more in sync with their needs. Evolve Services can also work with professionals on updating all branding material including resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn pages and professional bios.