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Coaching The Bigger Picture 

Changing a job or career is often stressful and confusing. People tend to explore career coaching because they have a sense that they would like to change. Coaching is one of the job-search tools that extend beyond the resume. It is sometimes necessary BEFORE the resume to establish direction! It is difficult for someone to know what to highlight on a resume if they do not know what they want to attract.

Evolve Services offer compassionate, quality career coaching at an affordable rate and believes that career coaching should be accessible to explorers and goal-setters of all income ranges. A free one-time consultation with our career coach, Ashley Santangelo, is available for people who are thinking about using Evolve Services but would like to find out more information first.

WHY HIRE A CAREER COACH? An unhappy or unfulfilling job or career situation is not going to change until meaning action is taken.

Two of the main benefits of hiring a career coach involve TIME and MONEY.

Think about it...If somebody is not sure WHAT they want to do or HOW they are going to do it, it takes a lot of time and energy to figure out how to do that on their own. A career coach can help folks in this situation decide what is and is not worth wasting precious time on.

And what about the money?

Here are some reasons why clients see a Return on Investment after working with a career coach:

  • Career coaches keep up to date with market research on salary trends so they know if clients are being paid what they are worth

  • Career coaches can teach clients salary negotiation skills that they can use with your current employer or with the next position they transition to.

  • Career coaches can steer clients clear of making expensive mistakes. If job seekers are unprepared for the interview that could change their life, it could cost them tens or hundreds of dollars of lost income over time.